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It began as a conversation. A conversation that struck a chord between everyone present. A conversation about food. It is a topic, we know, that fuels many passionate exchanges. Food is also what fuels us. And this passionate exchange sparked an idea. It was simple.


“Continuous evolution to provide a service that delights at every step.” We want to ensure that every time you interact with us, you leave delighted. Whether its ordering the best and freshest fruits and vegetables, to our deliveries and even receiving feedback, complaints and returns, we want to ensure that your needs are always met. How will we achieve this? By constantly innovating, trying new things, experimenting to find better methods to serve and then improve upon them.


We are a group of entrepreneurs, agricultural experts and foodies who, through our collective expertise, have come together to build an organization that delivers quality consistently.

Great ingredients make great food. And the magic master chefs weave in their kitchens is what gives it a soul. But the basics have to be right. In an endeavour to provide that, we’ve started Joizone, a brand committed to delivering fresh, healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables to your doorstep at surprisingly reasonable prices.